Marriage Therapy

We want you to be happy together, above all else!

We want you to be happy together, above all else!

Relationships are not random, they are created. Houston Addiction Therapy specializes in marriage counseling. We help couples walk through tough challenges and emotionally tough issues. Houston Addiction Therapy uses Imago, a therapeutic approach developed by Harville Hendrix. Imago therapy is dynamic and life changing. Imago therapy is used with couples and individuals in all stages of their relationships creating partnerships that are safe and fuel each individual to improve the others psychological and spiritual self completion.

Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling at Houston Addiction Therapy will begin with scheduling an initial assessment. The ideal situation for couples counseling is for both partners to attend however many times this is not the case. Usually one partner will seek help for the relationship. If you are looking for couples counseling, regardless of the stage of your relationship, do not hesitate to call. When one or both individuals attend counseling, change begins to happen. Couples seeking therapy are often at the point of an emotional wall. They are hopeful that the time they’ve spent together will have secured a foundation that will help them get over the wall they are facing.


Houston Addiction Therapy focuses on:

  • Family of origin Issues
  • Repairing Hurt
  • Repairing Resentment
  • Discovering Truth

The goal of successful marriage therapy is helping a couple continue having a deep satisfying and lasting connection. Houston Addiction Therapy works with hetero and homosexual couples, couples in recovery, married couples, couples living together, bi-racial couples, and couples having long distance relationships.