Counseling Services

counseling-services-houstonHouston Addiction Therapy offers individualized treatment based on the needs of our client. We specialize in finding the right level of treatment for each person. Currently we are a private pay outpatient therapy center. Our rates for services very upon the needs of the individual. As a service to the Houston community, we offer a free brief phone consultation to help an individual seeking help for addiction therapy or marriage counseling in Houston TX get the help they need.


Houston Addiction Therapy offers a comprehensive assessment to help an individual get the level of therapy they need. We believe that each person or couple seeking help will have separate and unique needs. In determining the best plan to help an addict, or person looking at personal addiction, sex addiction, or co-dependency, we ask for a minimum two hour time period to really get the information necessary to help guide a recovery plan.

For marriage counseling at Houston Addiction Therapy, we ask for an assessment to be at least one to two hours so that we can have time to do a comprehensive evaluation and determine the best starting point for counseling.

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy will be one hour sessions. Until an assessment is completed, the frequency of these sessions can not be determined.

Couples Therapy

After the initial assessment, we will ask the couple to make a time commitment. This commitment will be based on what the couple an counselor deem appropriate to address the initial problem.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy is held three times a week. An individual is asked to attend at least once a week. Due to the individualized treatment plan that is done during assessment, an individual will be asked to sign a commitment of attendance.

Intensive Workshops

Intensive workshops are facilitated by Renee Lederman. These workshops have an education component along with an intensive process group. Intensive workshops range from four hours to weekend retreats. Intensive workshops at Houston Addiction Therapy Life Healing Center are schedules as events where registration is necessary. Intensive workshops are done throughout the year on topics such as: sexual addiction, love addiction, sexual anorexia, process addiction, intimacy and couples.