Cybersex Therapy and Internet Addiction

cybersex-therapy-internet-addictionThe internet is a wonderful thing. Its intent is to help users find information and stay connected through social aspects. We have instant messaging, MySpace, forums, and messaging sites that create anonymity and accessibility for not only social connections, but sexual promiscuity. Sexual activity can become obsessive and when used in an addictive manor over the internet can create a twenty four hour, anything goes environment. Becoming addicted to the internet can lead to loss of jobs, relationships, and other important things. Current technology allows an individual to exchange images, conversation, and video online. Houston Addiction Therapy helps an individual address the five factors of the internet’s appeal to seek sexual arousal and sexual fulfillment. Creating boundaries around these factors is critical to the therapeutic process. These five factors are:

  • Accessibility
  • Isolation
  • Anonymity
  • Affordability
  • Fantasy


Compulsive internet use can create the same type of tolerance and withdrawl as alcohol addiction. Identifying the pattern of behavior for internet addiction is not about the enjoyment of using the internet, but the fact that any behavior can become dangerous if it has a negative impact on one’s life. Many internet addicts will lose time when online. Time can be lost in a chartroom, interactive games, newsgroups, or pornography. Excessive internet use will effect time with your family, social activities, and health issues such as exorcise and sleep. When preoccupation or obsession towards the internet sets in, the behavior has become compulsive and the internet addict has lost the ability to stop even when they want to. Despite the adverse consequences, they have entered into the criteria defining internet addiction. Houston Addiction Therapy treats internet addiction by addressing the boundaries and limitations one must implement to recover.