Addiction Therapy

addiction-therapy-houston-txAddiction therapy done right is a service provided to help an individual determine limits and boundaries. In today’s society, addiction has been most frequently connected to chemical dependency and drug abuse. At Houston Addiction Therapy we believe that addiction is a disease that affects an individual, their family, and friends. Addiction is no longer about just treating an alcoholic or addict. Treating addiction is beginning to look at how behaviors create dependence. Houston Addiction Therapy treats process addictions, not substance abuse.

Houston Addiction Therapy recognizes that people can become addicted to behaviors. Developing a dependence on shopping, sexual activity, gambling, compulsive spending, and the computer, are many times referred to as “process addictions”. Houston Addiction Therapy believes that an individual must choose for themselves where they fit in the continuum of addiction. For example, when a person begins to experience consequences from their behaviors they will stop the behavior, because they don’t like the consequence. This would be defined as having a problem and crossing the line with a problem, but not creating dependency. There are many problems that can be associated with sex addiction, internet addiction, or gambling addiction. These problems can range from arguing with a loved one, to losing a job, to having low self esteem. Dependence or dependency occurs when a person has impaired control and cannot consistently stop their behavior. Many times a person who is dependent will say they can stop anytime they want to, they just don’t want to. When dependency occurs for any addiction it becomes the most important relationship in that individual’s life and most decisions are based on what it will take to maintain the relationship with this addiction. Most addictions have some amount of psychological dependence although there’s no evidence of tolerance or withdrawal; these emotional issues are many times the hurdle the addict must jump over to get into recovery. Houston Addiction Therapy specializes in treating process addictions. These addictions are not from substance abuse and many times interfere with relationships, career, and self esteem.